Wanking in your Room – Are you sure no one is watching?

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Watch full-lenght episode in HDV quality!Kendra has just moved into the a new apartment with two other men. She is the only cutie and but that doesn't bother her. She is just happy to have an apartment and a relatively clean bathroom. In an attempt to be a precious, new roomie, this chick decides to ask John if he needs anything from the store. When this hottie approaches his door she, the sounds of plastic and pounding stop her in her tracks. This babe peers through the crack and sees John, grinding away on a real doll. He is fucking it so hard, he cums all over it. But that's not all - then he takes the blind fold off the doll and gets a large dick out to shove up his ass. That's the moment when Kendra interrupts and uses her secret knowledge to torment John. All the wanking and watching John cum, has got her weenie growing in her panties.

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