Need to Make Love in this Club – Laela Knight Copulates a Line Jumper

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Watch full-lenght episode in HDV quality!Never try and scam Laela Knight. Her club, her rules and this babe takes the law and the torture into her own hands. When John tries to sneak into her club, this fella is met by security and a choice. Whip out his dick and show it to Laela, or go to jail. Laela is so convincing, that John sees no other choice but to let her fondle is knob and balls. He can't afford a lawyer so he better do all this hottie demands. When she tries to put her weenie in his butt, he moans and bites down. The fit is so delicate and so intense he can barely breathe. Laela pushes until he looses up and she can fuck him like an ass whore. His dong is strong, her ramrod milks his prostate and a load comes flying out while she works his ass. He can't believe this is happening. He feels so used and so turned on all at once. When this babe cums, it goes right into his mouth and she makes him swallow it and the other load he jerks out of his still hard cock. John has paid his debt but after being such a great fuck, it's not clear if Laela will ever let him go...

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