TS Natassia Dream & Robert Axel in The Prelude to “Super Soldier”

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Watch full-lenght movie in HDV quality!When you break the law so well, you do not go to jail, you go to the US Military. Robert Axel is a highly skilled, some would say crazy, doctor. His practice of memory implantation is highly illegal and highly coveted by Military. When this man is brought to justice for his experiments on humans, this man does not get sentenced, instead he's sent to a secret weapons branch of the US Military where Natassia is assigned to his case. Her mission is to break him down until this man realizes his only option is to work for the government. His only route to survival is teach the military the secret to MMT - Memory Manipulation Therapy. Robert, when this boy-friend finally gives in, will create the flawless military weapon. This chap will create, The Super Soldier. After months of solitude and grilling hours of interrogation, Robert and Natassia, have grown a silent, tense tied. One that's so throbbing, as soon as he agrees to work for the government, Natassia sends the guards home and the two rip into each other with passion and urgency. This sweetheart lets Robert rip her clothes off before she dives at his hard dong, swallowing it with a fierce hunger. When this babe finally reveals her own dong he can only stare for a quick minute before she rams it into his butt with a fever pitch. She fucks him and bonks him, milks his cock until he explodes and just seeing his cum shoot out of his dong, makes her cum her own load all over him. This update is the prelude to TsSeduction's upcoming feature episode "Super Soldier: The Invincible and The Invisible" starring Yasmin Lee, Robert Axel, Marcus Ruhl and Beretta James. When you're above the law, you do not go to jail, you go to weapons training...

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