Kelli Lox Using Her Healing Penis to Cure Holly Heart of Her Stress!

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Watch full-lenght movie scene in HDV quality!In meditation studio in the hills of Marin, a new kind of therapy is born. It is the “my-cock-will-make-you-shut-your-fucking-mouth-in-the-quiet-room” treatment. Kelli explodes when yoga retreat novice and conservative housewife, Holly, ignores the rules of the quiet room and continues to talk on her cellphone. Holly doesn’t know what to do when Kelli’s reveals her hard knob. Holly’s sexless marriage has left her unsatisfied and it been a long time since this honey has felt a warm, throbbing, rod buried in her cookie. The thought of Kelli sliding in and out of her moist cunt is too tempting to resist. They fuck hard and fast ignoring the sanctity of the room or the fact that anyone could walk in on them at any time. Holly cums hard from twat and butt fucking and Kelli shows her namaste with a big, thick load of cum all over Holly’s face!

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