Two Guest Sneak off the Armory Journey and Fuck on the Sci-fi Set

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Watch full-lenght movie scene in HDV quality!Kendra and Katrina are on a third date that is full of sexual tension. They try to pay attention to the guide during their Armory Porn Travel, but the pent up desire to fuck each other coupled with the sexy talk about porn shoots from the guide, makes it so the angels can barely keep their hands off each other. The tipping point comes when Katrina confesses she's never used a strap-on and Kendra lights up like a Christmas Tree at the idea of being fucked by her hot date. They discover a huge sextoy from the FuckingMachines stash and head straight for the bed! Kendra strips revealing her own, REAL knob to Katrina and as expected, Katrina shoves her knob in her mouth for the first of many deep throating blow jobs. This incredible switch scene gives each girl a admirable dose of their every desire. Kendra gets fucked and then gets to fuck both Katrina's butt and cunt, switching back and forth between her holes. And when Kendra starts to cum with Katrina fucks her, Katrina slurps up her cum and they swamp it in a hawt kiss! Two sexy gals going at it raw!

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